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Did you know that over the past two decades, agri-investment earnings have exceeded S&P 500 and Gold earnings by over 300%? Or that Farmland has become one of the best hedges against Inflation and The Stock Market? These are just a few of the facts in our eye-opening report.

The Black Sea Farmbelt

The Black Sea Farmbelt of Romania & Bulgaria

The Black Sea Farm Belt, a vast area of rich, black earth within the lowlands of eastern Romania and Bulgaria along the Black Sea, is steeped in history and exploding with exciting, modern day potential! The days of communist collectives are long gone and both Romania and Bulgaria are energetic, free enterprise focused member nations of the European Union.

Charts & Data
  • Farmland Investment Returns vs. “The Big Three” Investments
    Investing in farmland funds trumps "The Big Three" investments of our time.

    Investing in Farmland Funds trumps "The Big Three" investments of our time. Annual statistics recorded between 1991 and 2013 on The S&P 500 Composite Stock Index, Gold and Housing prices (The Big Three investments of our time) reveal that farmland investors’ earnings have exceeded them all. Besting stocks, the next runner up, by nearly 700%!

    Housing and S&P 500 Price data as per Robert Shiller of Yale University Gold data is the annual closing price as per the NYMEX Futures Exchange. NCRIEF Farmland Index is the industry standard for measuring composite returns for major institutional farmland investments. NCRIEF Farmland Index data as per The National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries

  • The Price of Wheat
    Food price inflation is a direct result of emerging market growth and rising world population

    The side effect of the vast improvements in the living conditions of the world's many emerging market countries has been an incredible increase in food demand beyond available supplies. This force will continue to push up food prices and support higher farmland prices for year's to come.

    20 year average price for all wheat types as per data from the USDA.

  • Price of Farmland in Bulgaria vs. Other European Countries
    Still at Low prices - Bulgarian and Romanian farmland are excellent buys.

    Farmland prices of Eastern Europe are fast converging with those of Western Europe. The East will naturally not match the highest levels in those Western countries which have limited areable land, but values closer to the EU average are justified as vast quantities of high quality farmland are integrated into the European economy. The price of an acre of Black Sea farmland in Bulgaria or Romania is still priced at discount rates!

    Farmland price data is from a combination of the Knight Frank 2011 Wealth Report, USDA and Black Sea Agriculture local data.

  • Annual Yield From Bulgarian Farmland Vs. Traditional Investments
    Bulgarian farmland’s annual yield trounces traditional investments!

    The most recent data available on the average annual yields from the five most commonly held investments (Treasuries, S&P 500, CDs, Money Markets and Gold) reveals that the cash flow they’ve provided investors is dwarfed by the cash flow enjoyed by investors in Bulgarian farmland.

    Treasury, CD and Money Market yield data as per; S&P 500 Index data as per Bloomberg; Farmland data as per Black Sea Agriclture for the Karvarna section of NE Bulgaria.

  • Farmland is a Natural Hedge for Inflation
    Since the 1970's Farmland Has Outpaced Inflation!

    US Inflation statistics and farmland values collected between 1970 and 2008 reveal an impressive correlation. As Inflation has risen, the value of farmland has risen even more! Making an investment in farmland an outstanding hedge against Inflation.

    Farmland prices are an average of the 3 major US farm states, Iowa, Illinios, Indiana per data from the USDA Inflation data (CPI) data per Robert Shiller of Yale Univ

  • The Five Key Crops of Bulgaria
    Wheat gives Bulgaria the potential to be a breadbasket for the world.

    Over 50% of Bulgaria and nearly 80% of Romania is arable farmland. The humus-rich “Black Earth” of the vast Black Sea Farm Belt is ideal for cultivating more than a dozen crops. But most farms grow wheat, an exceptionally profitable commodity in today’s market. Bulgaria alone produces an average of four million tons a year! So it’s no surprise that 4 out of 10 Bulgarians devote their lives to farming.

    Current USDA statistics on Bulgaria and Romania.

  • Bulgarian Farmland Prices vs. Lease Income
    Bulgarian Farmland Price History

    Farmland in the Eastern European Union member country of Bulgaria has averaged an annual increase of 19% since 2004 and up a total of 298% overall! Yet even after these gains the land still is cheap considering its high yield capacity and its relatively low price compared with farmland in Western Europe and the U.S.

  • Farmland Acts as a Hedge for Stock Portoflios
    Farmland Values Compared by Production

    Comparing the price of farmland based on production especially highlights how extremely cheap the high yielding rich Black Earth farmland is in Bulgaria.

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