Introducing: The Black Sea Agriculture Fund

A simple, flexible way to invest in farmland in
the fast developing “Black Earth” agriculture region of Eastern Europe.

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Did you know that over the past two decades, agri-investment earnings have exceeded S&P 500 and Gold earnings by over 300%? Or that Farmland has become one of the best hedges against Inflation and The Stock Market? These are just a few of the facts in our eye-opening report.

Black Sea Agriculture makes it possible for the average investor to include farmland in their portfolio. BSA’s focus and area of specialty is farmland along the Black Sea in Eastern Europe in the emerging European Union member country of Bulgaria.

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BSA’s management services provides investors the best of both worlds: a corporate headquarters in New York's Financial District overseeing the business operations of the company combined with a full-time field office in Eastern Europe solely focused on management of the local operation. BSA’s experienced "boots on the ground" right within the Black Sea Farm Belt are always prepared to take advantage of up-to-the-minute opportunities.

Black Sea Agriculture offers two programs to invest in farmland along the Black Sea in the Eastern European country of Bulgaria, the first is a managed fund option and the second is a direct ownership plan. Both have the same simple, low risk strategy of acquiring high quality farmland, leasing to local farmers and consolidating small low priced plots into much more valuable large fields.

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Managed Fund

Through a private limited partnership called the Black Sea Agriculture Fund, accredited investors can be part of a larger portfolio of farmland located near the Black Sea in the stable, investor friendly, European Union member country of Bulgaria. The fund’s objective is to invest in prime farmland and lease to local farmers. The leasing income plus potential appreciation in the land prices together contribute to the overall returns. The fund’s value is priced three times a year by independent accountants and appraisers and audited at the end of each year by the major U.S. accounting firm of Grant Thornton. Investors have the option annually to withdraw funds at the up-to-date value of the fund. IRA’s are eligible. The minimum is $50,000.

Direct Ownership

BSA offers a simple packaged plan for direct ownership of farmland in Bulgaria that includes setting up the legal infrastructure, purchasing prime farmland on your behalf, on-going management of the leasing process and arranging all the annual accounting and bookkeeping. You will always have total control over the process, complete flexibility and liquidity any time you want. You can be as involved in the land selection and on-going management as you wish. Minimum is $100,000.

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