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A simple, flexible way to invest in farmland in
the fast developing “Black Earth” agriculture region of Eastern Europe.

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Did you know that over the past two decades, agri-investment earnings have exceeded S&P 500 and Gold earnings by over 300%? Or that Farmland has become one of the best hedges against Inflation and The Stock Market? These are just a few of the facts in our eye-opening report.

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In 46 A.D., as Rome’s legions advanced on the Carpathians, they came upon a body of water bordering vast tracts of land with soil so rich it was black! So they called it The Black Sea. To this day, The Black Sea’s concentration of nitrates and low salinity ensure that Eastern European farmland is some of the most fertile in the world.

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Information of great value to the astute 21st century investor, because today this farmland is available at remarkably undervalued prices! No one knows more about this than Black Sea Agriculture. BSA is an emerging market specialist that develops low risk, high return agricultural opportunities for private and institutional investors as managers of the Black Sea Agriculture Fund and by facilitating direct ownership of farmland. Headquartered in New York’s Financial District, BSA also has a full time field office in Eastern Europe. Why? Because the Black Sea Farm Belt is in the midst of explosive growth!

Just consider. FACT: As more second and third world countries prosper, their growing need for food will continue to outstrip the world’s present sources of farm produce. FACT: Farmland in Eastern Europe is still cheaper and is more productive than comparable crop land in most developed countries worldwide. FACT: Romania and Bulgaria are European Union members with pro-western governments that enthusiastically embrace free enterprise.

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If the prospect of investing in a BSA low risk, high return Black Sea Farm Belt Opportunity intrigues you, we urge you to call 347-480-1574 to speak to a qualified BSA Representative. – There has never been a better time to invest in the riches of the Earth.

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